Know About Karnali Utsav .. Kuda Karnalika

by Feb 16, 2023

The constant pounding and churning of ideas has the power to break the solid mountains of the Karnali. It can unleashe the potentials of development. Karnali Utsav is a festival of intellectual discourses, a celebration of words, festivals of art and culture.

Karnali Utsav is a ‘Kumbha Mela’ held annually since 2020 AD. The Karnali Utsav explores the identities and potentials of Karnali. Many researchable subjects are identified. Contents are prepared for policy makers. Solutions to the problems are sought through discussions. Thereby, the efforts are made to make governments accountable to the people.

As the Karnali Utsav has passed through three editions so far, including about forty sessions, two hundred and five speakers discussed about Karnali’s history, art, education, culture, language, literature, tourism, and various subjects on overall development.

The Utsav that is organized in Surkhet, the capital city of Karnali province, Birendranagar is being held from February 17th to 19th at Bulbule park this year. The Utsav will begin with the cycle rally around major tourist attractions site of Birendranagar city.

During the festival, there will be various sessions and programs like Cultural Programs, Scholarly Discourses, Karnali Chintan, Panel Discussions, Paikalo, and the Evening for Songs, Poety, and Ghazals. Along with that stalls will be placed near the event venue including Raithane (indigenous) products, art, culture, media, photography, books which reflects the originality of Karnali to make the event a grand festival.

Karnali, the center of the ancient Khas kingdom, is also the origin of the Nepali language. The history, society, culture and nature of this place are worthy to understand and watch. In essence, Karnali Utsav is a window to observe and feel the Karnali.

With the main goal of highlighting the identity and potentials of Karnali Province and bringing its historical, political, economic, social, cultural and touristic significance to the national  level, as well as developing Karnali Province as a destination for intellectual insights. You are heartily invited to this campaign.

Karnali Utsav: A Short Documentary Video (With English Subtitle)

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