युट्युब च्यानल बारे जान्नै पर्ने कुरा हरु (बेसिक देखि एडभान्स सम्म)

by Jan 24, 2021

तपाइले य़ुट्युब च्यानल खोल्ने सोच बनाउनु भएको छ भने वा कसरी सजिलै राम्रो युट्युब च्यानल बनाउने भन्ने बारे जान्न खोज्नु भएको छ भने तपाइका लागि यो भिडियो अत्यन्तै उपयोगी हुनेछ । यो भिडियोमा निम्न उल्लेखित कुराहरुको उदाहरण सहित वर्णन गरिएको छ:

Time and Topic: 00:00 Outline and purpose of the video 01:22 How YouTube works? 02:42 Requirement for YouTube channel 03:08 Difference between personal and brand YouTube channel 05:05 Which type of channel should you create? 05:42 Myth and fact about personal YouTube channel 06:12 Stepping toward creating YouTube channel, practical session 06:54 Creating a Gmail account 09:17 Creating YouTube channel 10:50 Creating a logo for your YouTube channel 14:17 Writing description of your YouTube channel 15:00 Linking your website or social media account to your YouTube channel 16:01 Creating and uploading YouTube channel art 18:37 Uploading video watermark (subscribe button) 20:16 YouTube studio related setting 21:25 Adding keywords for your YouTube channel 22:08 Adding default title, description, tags for future use 23:28 Adding manager or editor to your personal YouTube channel and their role 24:24 Blocking user or offensive words for comments 26:22 Verifying your YouTube channel (important step) 27:37 Detailed features of YouTube studio 28:09 How to use dashboard 28:26 Importance of playlist 29:00 How to use analytics in studio 29:36 Monetization setting and rules 30:52 New channel customization update 2020 31:16 Audio library for copyright free music 31:36 YouTube channel related setting 32:11 Creating a new brand YouTube channel 33:04 Creating custom URL for your YouTube channel and rules 33:39 Moving your personal YouTube channel to brand channel and deleting YouTube channel 33:50 Uploading video on YouTube channel 35:26 Creating and uploading YouTube video thumbnail 38:05 Creating and assigning video in playlist 38:35 Adding tag for your YouTube video 39:18 End screen and cards setting 40:09 Publishing options and features 41:40 Video sharing option and features 42:04 What happens after uploading video? 42:52 Editing and playing with uploaded videos 44:45 Summary

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