BIG STEP: All the government services through ‘Nagarik App’

by Jan 21, 2021

Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MoCIT) recently launched an integrated mobile application named ‘Nagarik App’ aiming to provide almost all the government services through a single online platform. The application was inaugurated by Communications and Information Technology Minister Parvat Gurung at the press conference organized on Jan 15, 2021 in Kathmandu.

“After the study, research and development effort of past three years, it is a happy moment for me to announce the Nagarik App and making it public for all the citizens for testing purpose” said Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli through the video message during the conference. Integrating all the government services in a single platform and delivering such services to the citizens in a simple and efficient manner is the primary responsibility of the Government and ‘Nagarik App’ is milestone for this campaign” he added. He also appealed to all the citizens specially the youths who are more engaged and friendly with technology to the feedback to the application for its betterment and enhancement.

Communications and Information Technology Minister Parvat Gurung mentioned the motto of the application as ‘Sanchar ra Suchana Prawidhiko Tewa, Haat Haatmai Sarakaari Sewa’ meaning ‘Government Service at Your Finger Tip Through Communication and Information Technology’

This app work with the existing information stored at several government agencies namely the Ministry of Home Affairs which have about 2 cores 15 lakh citizenship details, Election Commission having the information of 1 cores 55 lakhs citizens with their photographs and fingerprints and more than 65 lakhs passport information with the Department of Passports. Integrating all these information from major three entity of the government, a digital identity of the citizen is maintained in the ‘Nagarik App’, which will make it seamless to get any government services from any organizations. Soon the information from National ID will also be incorporated in this application. This app will also provide more than 40 services out of 64 provided by the Local Governments.

Key benefits of the application:

  • Time saving
  • Hassle free service
  • Money saving
  • Transparency

According to the Minister Parvat Gurung, important government services like citizenship, passport, academic certificates, voter card, citizenship investment fund, employees provident fund, social security fund and other services and information will be available online through the app. Likewise, citizens can complain or give feedback to the government through ‘Hello Sarakar’ and could also track the grievance handling status with this application. “Hassle and complication of getting different services through different application and portal will be replaced through this single application”, said Minister Gurung in the conference. “It is hoped to reduce the ‘lines’ in several offices with ‘online’ service using the app “This app is also one of the major enabling factor for making ‘Digital Nepal’ and establishment of the eGovernance” Minister Gurung briefed in the press conference. You can see the press note with this link and recorded live press conference video with this link.


‘Nagarik App’ can be used in both android and iOS devices and you need to follow the following steps in order to successfully install and use the application


  • If you are using android device go to PlayStore and for iPhone users goto AppStore (requires iOS 10.0 or later) and search for ‘Nagarik App’ in store search bar. Download and install the application as appeared in aforementioned logo of the app (be aware of the duplicates , if any).
  • Select a language of your choice either ‘English’ or ‘Nepali’, and click proceed.
  • You may see several features / services cards like ‘Citizenship Details’, ‘PAN Details’, ‘Provident Details’ and etc. Click ‘next’ for each pop-ups and proceed
  • Now you need to enter a mobile number either NTC or Ncell which must be on your own name and now enter your mobile number then click proceed. (To check name registered with phone number 1) for NTC: dial *922# and a message will pop-up displaying the name registered with. 2) for NCELL: dial *9966# to see the name of the sim registered on)
  • After mobile number input and proceed you will receive a verification code, enter it in the app and click ‘proceed’.
  • Now you need to select a document type that you have or wish to proceed. There are three options: citizenship, passport or voter ID. Provide correct information and click proceed.
  • At this point you get chance to correct your information if anything is wrong or incomplete. Do as per the need and click proceed.
  • Registration completed and now you will get option to set PIN code for your app security.
  • DONE.


Nagarik App is designed in a way such that all the citizens could use it easily on their convenient. With the help of this app, user/citizen can link or apply for PAN registration, educational details, citizen investment fund, provident fund, SSF account, citizenship, passport, voter card or complaints. Look at the process for each services:

  1. PAN – It is a 10 digit account called Permanent Account Number which is needed for financial transactions such as salary, sales and etc where tax is applicable. With the help of this application one can either link their existing PAN number or could apply for registration. To link your existing PAN, input PAN number and click ‘proceed’. For registration. > Click on PAN icon > Click Register PAN > Choose convenient revenue office listed in dropdown menu > Click proceed > A pre-filled form will appear with your information and upload your PP size photo, current address and click ‘proceed’ for further registration action.
  2. Education Certificate – Currently you can upload HSEB or SLC/SEE certificates using your registration number and those documents will be useful for official use through the app.
  3. Citizen Investment Fund – For the services like retirement plans, unit plans, and mutual fund programs of an employee this service could be useful and you can link your existing account to this app by entering your CIT number and click proceed.
  4. Provident Fund – This is a financial incentives which is provided to the salaried employee after their retirements. One can link their PF account to this app using 15 digits UCIN (Unique Client Identification Number).
  5. Social Security Fund – One can link their social security fund (Samajik Surakshya Kosh) which is social insurance program for old-age, disability, dependent families and the medical operated by the government by inserting their SSF number and clicking proceed in the app.

6. My Complains – You can register your complains regarding any government services through the button ‘My Complains’ displayed in the application which is well known in the name of ‘Hello Sarakar’.

7. Citizenship – If you have registered your account in ‘Nagarik App’ through citizenship details then you do not need to re-link your citizenship but if you used either passport or voter card then you can link your citizenship by clicking ‘Citizenship’ button and fill necessary information and click proceed.

8. Passport – Similar to the citizenship information, you can also link your passport to this app for future use in the application without carrying your physical documents.

9. Voter Card – If you are eligible for voting and have voter card you can link your voter card to this app and this will store your information for future use and safety of the voter card as well. Simply tap the ‘Voter Card’ icon in the app dashboard and input voter ID number, click proceed and its done.

In the application you can customize your profile like changing your profile picture, could see the logged in devices (my devices), activities details and could change setting like language selection, PIN code changing or removing PIN code as well. For this, you need to click on the ‘Profile’ icon bottom right corner of the application and proceed as per the necessity.


Government of Nepal encouraged and appealed all its citizens to use these features through the application and also provide feedback and suggestion for its betterment. Register yourself in the application and participate in the process of making it more better and complete application which is certainly going to be a key enabling factor for making ‘Digital Nepal’. Popularity of this app is growing day-by-day and so far 100,000+ installation made in PlayStore with more than twenty three thousand review. You can also provide the feedback or your experience in the review section of the app either in PlayStore or in AppStore.

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