No Daily Quota in Driving Licence Online Application

by Jan 24, 2021

Department of Transport Management (DOTM) under the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport (MOPIT) announced that there will be no any quota provision in the online application form system for driving license. Now at anytime and any number of application can be filled across the nation for driving license.

Update: In the last few days, broker used to take money to fill the online application form and thus the department made provision to fill-up the from only one time through a single device. Now if anybody try to fill-up more than one form from a same device then ‘Use Another Machine’ notification will appear.

As per the department ‘the quota system is removed after enhancing the server capacity and improvement in the system and few limitations and problems of the server are also resolved’.

How to fill up the online form ?

To fill-up the online form for driving license go to this link. Here, website of Department of Transport Management will open and in the right side, click on ‘Online Sawari Chalak Anumatipatra Pranali’ button.

Then a notice will appear along with the online driving license form link. Now click on ‘ONLINE DRIVING LICENSE REGISTRATION’ and select country and option among: ‘New License’, ‘License Renewal’, or ‘Duplicate License’.

After selecting the required option, click ‘Proceed’ and then a detailed form will appear where you need to fill up your detailed information.

Click ‘Submit’ button after filling your complete information. Then ‘Applicant Saved Successfully’ pop-up will appear and click ‘Ok’ button. In this way, you can fill and submit your application for driving license through online and print your final filled form at last for your future reference.

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