History of the Very First Webpage and Short Biography of Tim Berners-Lee

by Jun 21, 2021

This video explains the history of the very first webpage developed by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. In this video the short biography and major works of the Sir Tim Berners-Lee is presented and also explained recent development about the web since 1989 when the first webpage was developed.

Visit this link for simulation of the first webpage: https://home.cern/science/computing/birth-web

Know About Karnali Utsav .. Kuda Karnalika

Know About Karnali Utsav .. Kuda Karnalika

The constant pounding and churning of ideas has the power to break the solid mountains of the Karnali. It can unleashe the potentials of development. Karnali Utsav is a festival of intellectual discourses, a celebration of words, festivals of art and culture. Karnali...

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