How to Attend MU Online Exam (Useful for Students)

by Jan 21, 2021

Mid-Western University (MU) planned to conduct semester end examination through online mode. Due to the pandemic COVID-19 and lockdown situation created by it, the university has planned to conduct examination through online medium. The university has passed na promulgated the ‘Exam Conduction Management and Evaluation System Guideline 2077’ for conducting online examination.

In the first phase online examination will be conducted for Bachelors level seventh semester and Masters level third semester and the Exam Management Office (EMO) publicized the schedule for the examination.

As per the schedule, examination in the first phase will be held from Asoj 17 to Kartik 3 of 2077. In the present situation of pandemic, the university has adopted the ‘Time Bounded Take-home Written Examination’ policy to conduct online exam.

For the university like MU, the trend of online exam is new and student should know about the procedure and also how to attend in the online examination. On this regards, an Assistant Professor cum IT Expert of Mid-Western University, Panch Dev Bhatta prepared a video content to facilitate the students for their convenient and easy. In the video, several aspect of online exam like how to attend online exam, how to prepare for technical aspect, what type questions will appear, how to receive cover page of answer sheet, how to send back written copy and etc are covered. You can watch the video with this link.

(Published in National Yug Aahwan Daily)

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