MBA Student Received Full Scholarship from Manisha Koirala

by Feb 27, 2021

Legendary actress, an international icon, and social activist Ms. Manisha Koirala awarded MBA full scholarship to Miss Palistha Prajapati. The scholarship was awarded on Friday under Manisha Koirala Cancer Education Fund (MKCEF) program supported by Global College International (GCI). On November 12, 2020 MKCEF was established with signing agreement between Manisha Koirala and Global College International to provide scholarship in bachelors and masters programs up to 50 lakh NRs.

For 2021 Intake GCI opened MKCEF scholarship scheme including one seat each for Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor in Travel and Tourism Management (BTTM) and Master in Business Administration (MBA).

Full Scholarship from Manisha Koirala

MKCEF is a philanthropic scheme aimed to cater the students of school and college level whose belonging is from the cancer survivor parents with scholarship support. Under this scholarship scheme Manisha Koirala Cancer Education Fund offers cash and non-cash scholarships to children of cancer victims and survivors who could be finding it difficult to continue study due to very poor financial background.

Miss Palistha Prajapati had lost her both parents due to cancer. The MKCEF scholarship will certainly be a great motivation and support for her and will be able to study world class MBA program at Global College International. In the program, Ms. Koirala provided the scholarship certificate to Miss Prajapati and wished her the best academic journey ahead. Ms Koirala also thanks to GCI for starting a cancer education fund to support students whose life has been impacted and she expected that at least 6/7 students will be helped in next 5/6 months.

MKCEF Agreement Signing
MKCEF Agreement Signing Day, Nov 12, 2020

GCI provides other several scholarship schemes to outstanding students in MBA program and details can be found here along with the admission notice:

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