MUEMO Published Semester End Result of M.Sc. and B.E. Programs

by Jun 11, 2021

Mid-West University Examinations Management Office (MUEMO) published the semester end result of M.Sc. Physics (First Semester Regular and Partial), M.Sc. Construction Management (First and Third Semester Regular and Partial), M.Sc. Structural Engineering (First Semester Regular and Partial) and B.E. Civil, Hydro and Computer (Second, Fourth and Sixth Semester’s Chance Exam).

As per the official notice published in MUEMO’s official website, if student wants to review or have complaint regarding the result, s/he can register application to MU Examinations Management Office through respective Campuses within the seven (7) days from the exam result published date.

Students can see their detailed result and grade-sheet through this link after completing/providing the following procedure/information:

Faculty                                                        Science & Technology
Program                                                       ‘Select Program Name’
Semester                                                     First/Third/Fifth
Exam Type                                                 Regular or Partial
Exam Year                                                  2020
Enter Symbol No.                                       700xxxxx
Date of Birth                                               YYYY-MM-DD

Official Notice and Result

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