MU Examinations Management Office Published Exam Routine

by Feb 28, 2021

Examinations Management Office (EMO) of Mid-Western University (MU) published chance exam routine for bachelors and masters level program of various faculties. As per the routine chance examination for management, humanities and education faculties will begin on Chaitra 17 and will end on Chaitra 31 of 2077.

According to the official notice exam schedule of second, forth, sixth semester of B.Ed. and second semester of M.Ed. in Faculty of Education has been published. Similarly, EMO published schedule for second forth, sixth and seventh semester of B.A. and second semester of M.A. under the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. EMO also published routine for second semester of BBS/BBA/BHM/BTTM/MBS/MBA, forth semester of BBS/BBA, and sixth and seventh semester of BBS chance exam routine has been published. Detailed exam schedule along with examinations terms and condition is mentioned as below:

Faculty of Management

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

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